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Comparing prices is the best way to save money on anything, which is why there are so many comparison websites around saving you money on car insurance, electricity prices and even credit cards – theatre tickets are no different. Which is why Compare Theatre Tickets is the best way to find the cheapest show tickets for all the biggest and best West End shows.

We currently compare prices on 564,412 tickets across 0 gigs with more added every month! So get your music ticket prices here!

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Use our comparison tool to compare the prices on over 40 of the latest UK music shows and save up to 50% on the cost of your tickets. Save money and book the West End show tickets you want for the date and time to suit you with ease. Secure online booking, makes ordering your tickets a hassle-free experience.

If you know which show you want to see, but aren't sure on the best seats, our theatre seating plans will help you pick the best seats for the best view at a price you can afford. Then you can compare and secure your preferred seating reservations online today.

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Even the best things must come to an end and even the best London West End Shows must also. So don't miss out on some of the top musicals and plays on the London West End. View the Shows Ending Soon

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Why not turn a amazing West End experience into an amazing evening, or entire day. Make your London West End trip even more memorable by adding one of a range free or discounted meals at excellent restaurants close to the theatre. Click here to view our range of show and meal deals
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